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Our 'Joke of the Day' for Monday, April 24th, 2017

Wife: You're always complaining. I wish you would make allowances for my mother's little shortcomimgs.
Husband: I'm not complaining about her shortcomings. It's her long stayings I object to.

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Did You Hear?

Did you hear about the new movie in which a beautiful girl falls in love with a very ugly loaf of bread?
It's called Beauty and the yeast.

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What Do?

What do you call a ninety year old ant?
An antique.

Located in the What Do? section

For Children

I said to my uncle, 'How long have you been bald?'
He said 'Ever since the war lad. I lost it in a hair raid.'

Located in the For Children section

Knock Knock

Knock, Knock. Who's there?
Costa who?
Costa lot.

Located in the Knock Knock section

Restaurants Food

Here's a question:
What do restaurants do with frog arms?

Located in the Restaurants Food section


Marriage - a three ring circus:
engagement ring,
wedding ring,
and suffering.

Located in the Marriage section

For Children

Why was the cat afraid of the tree?
Because of its bark.

Located in the For Children section

What Is?

What's the difference between a well dressed man and a tired dog?
One wears a suit, and the other just pants.

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According to a recent survey by the Academy of Incomplete Research, nine out of ten people are

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