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Here are some jokes about business and businessmen. There are 8 jokes in this category.

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Business Jokes
An business consultant is one who can tell you how to run your business but who isn't smart enough to run his own.
Business Jokes
He is a born executive . . . his father owns the business.
Business Jokes
"We offer a competitive salary"
We remain competitive by paying less than our competitors.
Business Jokes
In the office we talk about baseball, shopping, or fishing; but when we are out watching the game, in the shopping mall, or on the lake, we talk about business.
Business Jokes
My accountant told me that the only reason why my business is looking up is that it's flat on its back.
Business Jokes
Ted: I hear that your duck farm is going bankrupt.
Fred: That's right. I have too many bills.
Business Jokes
Millionaire: To make it big in business you must abide by two principles, honesty and wisdom.
Son: What do you mean, dad?
Millionaire: Always be honest in business. If you make a promise, you must keep your word even if you have to go bankrupt to do it.
Son: Okay, dad. Now what about wisdom?
Millionaire: Wisdom is quite simple to explain son. Never make any promises.
Business Jokes
Fred: I'm sorry to hear that your rubber ball factory went bankrupt?
George: Yes, but I'll bounce back.