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Funny Car Bumper Stickers
Illiterate? Call this number for help.
Funny Car Bumper Stickers
Cats flattened while you watch.
Funny Car Bumper Stickers
Eat well, stay fit, die anyway.

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What does a caterpillar do every 1st of January?
He turns over a new leaf.


What do you get if you cross Dracula with Sir Lancelot?
A bite in shining armour.

What is a maniokleptic?
Someone who walks backwards into shops and leaves things behind.


A man walked into a pet shop and said, 'I'd like a puppy for my son.'
'Sorry sir,' said the store owner, 'we don't do part exchange.'


Did you hear about the music store that was robbed last night?
The thieves made off with the lute.


Lack Of Brains Hinders Research

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