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Here are some jokes about golfers and golf. There are 30 jokes in this category.

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Golf Jokes
"How should I have played that last shot?" the bad golfer asked his caddy.
"Under an assumed name."
Golf Jokes
You know you're having a bad day when the worst player on the golf course wants to play you for money.
Golf Jokes
Why is it so difficult to drive a golf ball?
It doesn't have a steering wheel!
Golf Jokes
A golfer comes home from the course and is greeted by his wife, who asks, "How well did you golf today?"
"Well, I didn't win, but I did get a lot of practice. I got to hit the ball more times than anyone else!"
Golf Jokes
Golfer: "That can't possibly be my ball. It looks far too old".
Caddy: "Well, It has been a long time since we started, sir."
Golf Jokes
Golfer: Well, caddie. Do you think my game is improving?
Caddie: Definitely. You're missing the ball much less than you used to!
Golf Jokes
Henry is such a bad golfer that when he shouts "Fore" you don't know Whether he's warning people to duck or counting the number of people he just hit!
Golf Jokes
The man who takes up golf to take his mind off his 'work' often takes up Work to take his mind off golf.
Golf Jokes
Wife: Where are you going with your golf clubs?
Husband: To a tee party.
Golf Jokes
Waiter: What will you have, sir?
Golfer: A club sandwich please.

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