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Joke Topic - 'A Handle'

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I used to have a handle on life, but it broke.

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Joe: I've got a cat who can say his own name.
Bob: That's great! What's your cat's name?
Joe: Meow!


When are doctors just like comedians?
When they have you in stitches.


What do witches sing at Christmas?
"Deck the Halls with Poison Ivy."


Irish stew in the name of the law.

Polar Bears

Hear about the polar bear who tried to eat a penguin?
He couldn't get the wrapper off.


How does an overweight ghost slim down?
He uses an exorcise bike.


I knew that I must be drunk when I started feeling sophisticated - and couldn't pronounce it.


What is a vampire's favorite dance?
The fang-dango.


Did you hear about the dentist and the manicurist?
They are always fighting tooth and nail.

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