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Joke Topic - 'Always Late'

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She's always late. Her ancestors arrived in America on the June Flower.

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My wife is a great lover - of cream cakes.


Tom: What do you do for a living?
Jack: I work with figures.
Tom: You're an accountant?
Jack: No. A fitness instructor.


What kind of ghost is very useful in the kitchen?
A recipe spook.


I was going to tell you a joke about an electric drill, but it's too boring.

A Big Mouth

What has a big mouth, but is unable to talk?
A glass jar.


What did the balloon say to the pin?
'Hi, buster!'


How do rabbits stay cool in the summer?
They have air conditioning.


Why did the jeans burst into tears?
They felt blue.


What is the hardest key to turn?
A donkey.

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