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Joke Topic - 'Art'

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Why was the art dealer unable pay the rent on his store?
He had run out of Monet.

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What type+ of apple isn't an apple?
A pineapple.


If yesterday was today - today would be yesterday.


Did you hear about the sunburnt shark?
He got what he was basking for.


What do you call an honest lawyer?
An impossibility.


I'm having to leave my wife because of another woman - her mother.


How do snowmen travel around?
By iceicle.


What do you call a prisoner's pet budgie?
A jail bird.

Folk Singers

How many folk singers does it take to change a light bulb?
Six - one to do all the work and five to write a song about how good the old one was.


Dave: Did you hear that Fred has got a job at the bowling alley?
Joe: What tenpin?
Dave: No it's a permanent job.

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