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Joke Topic - 'Builders'

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Did you hear about the fence builder who got fired for deserting his posts?

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What is chunky, white, and cowardly?
Chicken salad.


Why are Scotsmen such good golfers?
They know that the fewer times they have to hit the ball the longer it will last.


I call my dog Egypt because he leaves a pyramid in every room.

A Skeleton

What does a skeleton usually order when he has a meal in a restaurant?
Spare ribs.


Overheard to a chauffeur: 'James, I'm now ninety and rather bored with life, so I want to commit suicide. Kindly drive over the next cliff.'


Doctor, doctor, I've got a little sty.
Well you'd better buy a little pig for it then.


Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Nunya who?
Nunya business.


"Why is your dog growling at me like that?" asked Brian.
"0h," said Billy, "He's probably just angry because you're using his dish."

Pay Attention

Yo mama is so poor she can't even afford to pay attention.

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