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What did the cannibal say when he was full?
I just couldn't eat another mortal.

What did the cannibals say to their nextdoor neighbors?
We'd really love to have you over for dinner!"

What do cannibals eat for breakfast?
Buttered host.

What do the guests do at a cannibal wedding?
They toast the bride and groom.

What food did the cannibal order as his take-away?
Pizza with everyone on it.

What happened when the cannibals ate a comedian?
They had a feast of fun.

What is a cannibal's favorite type of pizza?
Extra large, with everybody on it.

What's a cannibal's favourite meal?
Baked human beans.

Why did the cannibal become a vegetarian?
He went right off people.

Why was the cannibal expelled from school?
Because he kept buttering up the teacher.

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