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Joke Topic - 'Creatures'

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Which creature helps save people who are drowning in the sea?
The Ghostguard.

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What goes ho, ho, ho, plop?
Santa Claus laughing his head off.


Don’t rush me; I get paid by the hour.


When they were handing out noses, you thought that they said roses and so you asked for a big red one.


Ted: I hear that your duck farm is going bankrupt.
Fred: That's right. I have too many bills.

Santa Claus

What did Santa say to the elves on Christmas Eve?
Well, that wraps things up for another year.


What kind of ghost is very useful in the kitchen?
A recipe spook.


Diner: Waiter, when I ordered this steak, I said 'Well done'.
Waiter: Thank you Sir.


When is a man like a dog?
When he is a boxer.


Doctor, doctor, I feel like I'm part of the Internet!
Well, you do look a site.

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