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Joke Topic - 'Eat Out'

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You know you're having a bad day when - You call your wife and tell her that you would like to eat out tonight and when you get home there is a sandwich on the front porch.

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Twelve year old in French class being asked the difference between Madame and Mademoiselle: `Monsieur'.


You worry too much about your job. Stop it. You are not paid enough to worry.


What do you call a bull when it is sleeping?
A bulldozer.


What do you call a an extremely wealthy old man who has changed his will six times in the last year?
A fresh heir fiend!


Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Butter who?
Butter wrap up well - it's cold out here.


What is another name for a water otter?
A kettle.

Christmas Decorations

What happens if you eat Christmas decorations?
You get tinselitis.


Diner: Waiter, these eggs are runny.
Waiter: Why do you say that, sir?
Because one just ran out the door.


Old dieters never die, they just waist away.

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