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Joke Topic - 'Greyhounds'

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How many Yorkshiremen does it take to change a light bulb?
Four. One to change it, one to hold his racing pigeon, one to hold his greyhound, and one to drink his pint of bitter.

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A Bad Company

If you think we're a bad company, you should see the competition.


What do you call a caveman who is wandering slowly around the place?
A meanderthal man.


Did you hear about the optician who tripped over a dog?
He made quite a spectacle of himself.


What do you call a person who steals cats?
A purr-snatcher.


Two men play five games of checkers. Each man wins the same number of games. There are not ties. Explain this.
they are not playing each other.


What do you get if you cross Bambi with a ghost?

Party Game

What party game is a favorite of cows?
MOO-sical chairs.


Why didn't the little pig listen to his father?
Because he was an old boar.

A Car Mechanic

Did you hear what happened when a car mechanic went to see a psychiatrist?
He lay down under the couch.

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