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Joke Topic - 'Headache'

Here is 1 joke on the topic - 'Headache'.


Doctor, Doctor Have you got something for a really bad headache?
Of course. Just take this hammer and hit yourself on the head. Then you'll have a really bad headache.

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Did you hear what happened when the vampire met a beautiful woman?
It was love at first bite!

A Million Dollars

Boy to girl: Wow! You look like a million dollars.
Girl: Do you really think so?
Boy: Yes, you're all green and wrinkly.


I don't have a license to kill. I have a learner's permit.


Customer: Waiter, there is there a small bug in my salad?
Waiter: l'm terribly sorry. Would you like me to get you a bigger one?


When is a birthday cake just like a golf ball?
After it’s been sliced.


'Doctor, :doctor, I think I must be invisible. Everyone ignores me.'
'Next, please.'

Well Off

Wife: Before we were married, you told me you were well off.
Husband: I was, but I didn't realize just how how well off I was.


Billy: My mother has the worst memory in the world.
Frank: She forgets everything?
Billy: No. she remembers everything.


Father: Well son, how are your exam results?
Son: They're all under water
Father: What do you mean?
Son: They're all under C level.

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