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Joke Topic - 'Plumbers'

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A plumber was called to fix a blocked pipe. He arrived, banged on the pipes for 15 minutes, and said to the homeowner, well that'll be $35. The homeowner said "thirty five dollars!!!!- why thats $140 per hour!! I'm a lawyer and I only make $100 an hour!!" The plumber replies, "yeah, thats what I got when I was a lawyer."

What do you get if you cross Count Dracula with a plumber?
A drain in the neck.

What type of vegetables do plumbers fix?

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Unix - Reach out and grep someone.


Did you hear about this guy who lived right next door to a sewer and killed himself?
The coroner said it was sewercide.


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My wife went to the beauty parlor and had a mud pack treatment. She looked really great for a few days. . .but then the mud fell off!


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"Take a seat please."
"Which one?"


What do you call a sleepwalking nun?
A roaming Catholic.

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