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Joke Topic - 'Porridge'

Here is 1 joke on the topic - 'Porridge'.


"Who's been eating my porridge?" asked baby bear.
"Who's been eating my porridge?" asked mother bear.
"Burp" said father bear.

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Clumsiness is catching
- no, dropping

Light Bulbs

How many shop assistants does it take to change a light-bulb?
Only one, but he'll only change it if you have the receipt for the old bulb.


Why did the idiot put on wet trousers?
Because the label said 'wash and wear.'

A Born Loser

A born loser: Somebody who calls the telephone number that's scrawled in lipstick on the phone booth wall -- and his wife answers.


Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Tilly who?
Tilly cows come home.

A Good Idea

I've got a good idea.
It must be beginner's luck.


How do rabbits go on vacation?
In a hareplane.


What is the name of the unhappy range of mountains in Scotland?
The Grumpians.


I'm not as dumb as you look.

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