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Joke Topic - 'Rivers'

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Where do fish wash?
In a river basin.

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What do you call a woman who knows where her husband is every night?
A widow.


"Waiter, there's a fly in my soup!"
"I'm not surprised, sir, our chef used to be a tailor."


When Henry VIII came to the throne what was the first thing he did?
He sat down.


He's a magician. He can turn absolutely anything into an argument.

This Morning

I heard something this morning that really made me open my eyes.
What was it?
My alarm clock.


What do you call a snowman in the summertime?
A puddle!


Yo momma so fat she can sit on a dollar and make change.


When her boyfriend actually agrees with her, she lets him have his own way.


Boyfriend: Is that a new perfume I smell?
Girlfriend: It is, and you do!

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