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Joke Topic - 'Robbers'

Here are 5 jokes on the topic - 'Robbers'.


Did you hear about the robbers who fell in the sea?
They started a crime wave.

First Cannibal: "We had robbers at our house yesterday."
Second Cannibal: "Did you enjoy them?"
First Cannibal: "yes, but they weren't as good as the missionaries we had last week."

Two robbers broke onto a lodging house in Glasgow. They were discovered and a tremendous fight broke out. Bleeding and covered in bruises they finally managed to escape through a window. Well, we didn't do too badly said one, 'we came out with twenty pounds.' 'Thats true,' said the other, 'but we went in with sixty pounds.'

Who steal soap and towels from the bathroom?
Robber ducks.

Why did the robber take a bath?
So he could make a clean getaway.

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