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Joke Topic - 'Terrorists'

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Last year a group of terrorists hijacked a planeload of lawyers. They said that they'd release one every hour unless their demands were met.

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Why were the bowling pins lying down?
Because they were on strike.


Did you hear about the blacksmith who was taken to court?
The judge found him guilty of forging.


How do you get a boxer to laugh?
Start telling a joke and then hit him with the punchline.


I said to my uncle, 'How long have you been bald?'
He said 'Ever since the war lad. I lost it in a hair raid.'


Go ahead, speak Your Mind! I Enjoy The Silence!

Getting Old

You know you're getting old when you turn out the lights for economic reasons instead of romantic ones.


What is the favorite sport of Farmer Brown?


My wife divorced me on religious grounds.
She worships money and I don't have any.


Q: Why do blondes hate M&Ms?
A: They're too hard to peel.

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