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Joke Topic - 'Trombone'

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Why was the trombone player thrown out of the band?
Because he was letting thing's slide.

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Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Justin who?
Justin time for lunch.

The Difference

What is the difference between inlaws and outlaws?
Outlaws are wanted.


Why is Santa looking for a new job?
Because he got the sack.


What do you call a horse wearing Venetian blinds?
A zebra.


Old School Pillars are Replaced by Alumni


Q: Why did the blonde scale the glass wall?
A: To see what was on the other side.

Peace And Quiet

Honk your horn if you like peace and quiet.


The reward for a job well done: more work.


What did the Spanish fireman call his two sons?
Jose and Hose B

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