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Joke Topic - 'Truck'

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Yesterday, Sandy McNab was run over by a beer delivery truck. It was the first time for years that the drinks had been on him.

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Coffee Break

The fifteen minute morning coffee break is when your employees take a break from doing nothing.


Doctor: The best time to take a bath is just before you retire.
Patient: You mean I don't need to take another bath until I'm sixty-five?


Nan: How do you like your new studio apartment?
Dan: I have no room for complaint.


Teacher: Give me a sentence with the word 'analyze' in it.
Pupil: My sister Anna lies in bed until nine o'clock.


They call him Caterpillar.
Why do they call him that?
Because he got where he is by crawling.

Lose Weight

Each time I manage to lose weight somehow it is always able to find me again.

Knock Knock

Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Midas who?
Midas well come in.


What do you get if you cross a pig with a hedgehog?
A porkupine.


What do you call a barber who cuts hair in a library?
A barbarian!!

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