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Joke Topic - 'Wrote'

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Who wrote Oliver Twist?
How the dickens should I know?

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"Why is your dog growling at me like that?" asked Brian.
"0h," said Billy, "He's probably just angry because you're using his dish."

Change A Light Bulb

How many British Rail staff does it take to change a light-bulb?
Two. One to change the bulb and one to apologize for the delay.

Started Out

I started out with nothing...and I still have most of it left.


It's all right to be stupid, but you're making a career out of it.


Fred: I'm sorry to hear that your rubber ball factory went bankrupt?
George: Yes, but I'll bounce back.


When I get old will the calves on my legs be cows?


Doctor, doctor, my wife thinks that she's a clock.
I suspect you've just been trying wind her up.


Doctor, doctor, I keep losing my memory.
When did you first notice it?
When did I first notice what?


Q: What do you call a blonde who has dyed her hair black?
A: Artificial intelligence.

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