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Joke Topic - 'Zoo'

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What is a zookie?
A key to the zoo.

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What did the skeleton say to his girlfriend?
I love every bone in your body.


Patient: Doctor, doctor I keep thinking that I can see into the future.
Doctor: And when did this happen?
Patient: Next Wednesday.


Did you hear about the boatload of red paint that crashed into a boat carrying blue paint?
13 passengers were marooned.

A Married Man

It doesn't matter how often a married man changes his job: he still has the same boss.


Where do ghosts go for a vacation?
They head for the Dead Sea.


During Britain's "brain drain," not a single politician left the country.


If your brain was chocolate it wouldn't fill an M&M.


Diner: Waiter, these eggs are runny.
Waiter: Why do you say that, sir?
Because one just ran out the door.


Henry: Darling. will you marry me?
Jane: No. but I will always admire your good taste.

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