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Joke Topics Beginning with the letter 'B' - Page 3

This is page 3 of the index of joke topics that begin with the letter 'B'.

The joke topics listed on this page are: - Baseball - Basement - Basketball - Bath - Bathing - Bathing Suit - Batman - Bats - Be Safe - Be Yourself - Beach - Bear - Bears - Beautiful - Beauty - Beauty Parlor - Bed - Bedbugs - Bedtime - Bee.

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In baseball, what type of dog stands behind home plate?
The catcher’s mutt.


What does a baseball player do when his eyesight starts going bad?
He gets a job as an umpire.


Hotel Guest: 'Can you give me a room and a bath, please?'
Receptionist: 'I can give you a room, but you'll have to take your own bath.'


When is an baseball umpire like a telephone operator?
When he makes a call.


Why is a baseball team like a pancake?
Because they both need a good batter.


Jane: Where do you bathe?
Billy: In the spring.
Jane: I said where, not when.


And why couldn't the loutish baseball umpire have his little boy sit in his lap?
Because the son never sits on the brutish umpire.


What is the difference between baseball and law?
In baseball, if you're caught stealing, you're out.


What is the difference between a dog and a basketball player?
One drools and the other one dribbles.