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Joke Topics Beginning with the letter 'B' - Page 7

This is page 7 of the index of joke topics that begin with the letter 'B'.

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Here are some randomly selected joke topics beginning with the letter 'B'

Boy Scout

Why did the Boy Scout become dizzy?
Because he spent all day doing good turns.


Did you hear what happened when the Eskimo girl fell out with her boyfriend?
She gave him the cold shoulder.


Why is a Scottish boy with a cold like a soldier with seven days' leave.
Because they both have a wee cough (week off).


Mary: My boyfriend has a very nice personality.
Jane: My boyfriend's not very handsome either.


This trainer came up to this boxer. He said, 'Are you ready for another fight?'
The boxer said, 'Just a bout.'


When is a boxer like an astronomer?
When he is seeing stars!


When is a man like a dog?
When he is a boxer.

Boxes of chocolates

What is drawn by a horse and delivers boxes of chocolates?
Cadbury's Milk Dray.


How do you get a boxer to laugh?
Start telling a joke and then hit him with the punchline.