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Jokes About Christmas - Page 4

Here are more of our Christmas Jokes and Funny Stories to help you see the humorous side of the festive season.

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What is the difference between the Christmas alphabet and the standard alphabet?
The Christmas alphabet has NO EL.

What do you get if you deep fry Father Christmas? Crisp Cringle.

What does a monster write on his Christmas cards?
Best vicious of the season.

Knock, Knock. Who's there?
Dexter who?
Dexter halls with boughs of holly ...

How do sheep greet each other at Christmas?
A merry Christmas to ewe.

What is a hairdressers favourite Christmas carol?
"Oh comb all ye faithful".

What are gnomes the most afraid of at Christmas?
That Father Christmas will give them the sack.

What carol do elephants like to sing at christmas?
Noel-ephants, Noel-ephants...

What did Adam say on December 24th?
It's Christmas, Eve.

How to cats greet each other at Christmas?
"I wish you a furry merry Christmas and a Happy mew year".

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