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Jokes About Computer Programmers & Users - Page 1

Here is our selection of jokes and funny stories about computer programmers and users. There are 108 jokes in this category.
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What's the first sign that your computer is getting old?
It starts to have memory problems.

Why was the computer feeling cold?
It had left Windows open.

What do computers like to eat when they are hungry?

Why do vikings never send e-mails?
They prefer to use Norse code.

Did you see which way the programmer went?
He went DATA way.

What do you get if you cross a computer with a hamburger?
A big mac.

What should do you do if your computer starts to hum?
Tell it to change its socks.

How do you stop your laptop batteries from running out?
Hide their trainers.

What does a proud computer call his little son?
A microchip off the old block.

Who surfs the Internet and goes, 'Choo, Choo'?
Thomas the Search Engine.

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