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Jokes About Doctors - Page 5

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Doctor, Doctor I tend to flush a lot.
Don't worry it's just a chain reaction.

Doctor, Doctor I think I'm suffering from Deja Vu!
Didn't I see you yesterday?

Doctor: The best time to take a bath is just before retiring.
Patient: You mean I don't need another bath until I'm sixty-five?

Doctor, doctor, I keep thinking I'm a laptop computer.
You're just run down, let me give you some vitamins.
No, thanks. But perhaps you could recharge my batteries.

Doctor, doctor, I feel like I'm part of the Internet!
Well, you do look a site.

Doctor, doctor, what's the best cure for water on the knee?
A tap on the ankle.

Doctor, doctor, I keep thinking that I've been here before.
Oh, no, not you again.

Doctor, Doctor, what can I do about my broken leg?

What did the doctor say to the tonsil?
You look so cute, I would like to take you out.

Doctor: I will examine you for twenty dollars.
Patient: Go ahead Doctor. If you find it you can have it.

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