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Jokes About Judges
What did the judge say to his wife when he got home from the law courts?
It's been a very trying day!
Jokes About Judges
How do you learn to be a judge?
Usually by trial and error.
Jokes About Judges
Robber: Your Honor. I'm sorry for breaking into the Italian restaurant.
Judge: Thirty days for disturbing the pizza.
Jokes About Judges
The judge fined the offender fifty dollars and told him if he was caught again, he would be thrown in jail. Fine today, cooler tomorrow.
Jokes About Judges
Judge: "Do you wish to challenge any of the jury?
Prisoner: "Well, I think I can lick that little fellow on this end..."
Jokes About Judges
This man was called up before the judge. He said, 'Your honour, why do you keep leaping up and down?'
The judge said, 'Why do you think? It's a kangaroo court.'
Jokes About Judges
This tramp comes up before the judge and he doesn't half smell. The judge says, 'What's the charge against this man?'
The policeman says, 'A fragrancy charge, your honour.'