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Jokes About Restaurants & Food - Page 6

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Two guys go into a small diner for breakfast, the waitress comes up and asks for their order. "I'll have two eggs over easy, toast, and juice." the first man says. "And I'll have two eggs scrambled, toast, and juice in a clean glass" says the other. The waitress comes some time later and asks "...now who gets the clean glass?"

A man went into a grocer's and saw a sign: 'Normal eggs 30p a dozen, square eggs 50p a dozen.' He asked the manager what the extra twenty pence was for.
'Ah,' came the reply, 'that's danger money for the chicken.'

Waiter, waiter, what's in this stuff?'
'It's bean soup, sir.'
'I asked for its recipe, not its history.'

There was a Scottish baker who tried to economize by making the holes in his doughnuts bigger. He soon gave it up, though. The bigger the hole was the more dough he had to put round it.

Waiter, waiter, this food isn't fit for a pig.'
'Very good sir. I'll go and get you some that is.'

Waiter, waiter, do you have frogs' legs?'
'No, sir, I always walk this way.'

Waiter, waiter, do you have frogs' legs?' 'Yes, sir.'
'Well, hop over the counter and get me a sandwich.'

Waiter, waiter, there's a fly in my soup.'
'No, sir, actually that's the chef. The last customer was a witch doctor.'

Waiter, waiter, this coffee tastes like tea.'
'oh, I'm sorry, sir. I must have brought you cocoa by mistake.'

Diner. 'This piece of cod isn't nearly so nice as the piece I had here a few weeks ago.'
- Absent minded Waiter. 'It ought to be sir, it's from the same fish.'

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