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There were these two eggs in the monastery frying pan. One said to the other, 'You know something? Any minute now it's going to be out of the frying pan into the friar.'

My uncle said, 'I'm going to do a dangerous experiment. I'm going to cross an elephant with a mouse.' My uncle said, 'Great big holes in the skirting board.'

My brother was banging his. head on a brick wall. I said, 'What're you doing that for?'
He said, 'Because it's a lovely feeling when I stop.'

My brother said, 'Mum, I'm feeling sick as a dog.'
My mum said, 'Hang on, I'll call the vet.'

When we were kids my mum and dad took us to a French restaurant. My brother said, 'Mum, can I have some frogs legs?'
My mum said, 'Why, what's wrong with your own?'

My sister went to first aid lessons. They said, 'What's the first thing you'd do if a man was blown up by dynamite?'
My sister said, 'Wait for him to come down.'

My brother came running in He said, 'Mum, there's a man outside with a broken arm called Brian.'
My mum said, 'That's a funny name for a broken arm.'

This bloke said to my brother, 'I think I'm a clock you know.'
My brother said, 'Well don't get wound up about it.'

This bloke said to my brother, 'My trouble is I keep thinking I'm a strawberry.'
My brother said, 'You're in a jam then aren't you.'

This girl went to the doctor. She said, 'I keep thinking there's two of me.
The doctor said, just wait and 'I'll deal with you one at a time.'

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