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I went home the other day and I heard' my dad screaming. I said, 'What's wrong?'
He said, 'Your mother was pressing my trousers.'
I said, 'My mother was pressing your trousers and you screamed?'
He said, 'Yes, I was still in them.'

My brother's trousers were split right down the back. He said, 'Mum says they're my Van Winkle trousers.'
I said, 'What does she mean by that?'
He said, 'They've got a Rip in them.'

My brother said, 'One of my mates got run over by a car.',br> I said, 'Really, how did he feel?'
My brother said, 'Tyred.'

My brother said, 'Did you hear about the sunburnt shark?'
I said, 'No, what happened to him?'
My brother said, 'He got what he was basking for.'

My brother said, 'l've brought you home a present. It's a wombat.'
I said, 'What's a wombat for?'
He said, 'A good game of wom.'

Did you hear what happened when the ghosts went on strike?
A skeleton staff took over.

What did they say to Julius Caesar When he went into a pub?
'Ale, Caesar?'

Did you hear about the prisoner who talked very slowly?
He took twentyfive years to finish a sentence.

My brother said to my mum, 'It's not fair. I was just about to fight Johnny Jenkins when my sister threw rotten eggs at me.'
My mum said 'Lucy, what did you do that for?'
She said, 'I was egging him on.'

My uncle was talking to this egg. He said, 'I'm ever so sorry little egg but I'm about to fry you.'
The egg said, 'Are you having me on?'
My uncle said, 'Of course I am. I'm having you on toast.'

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