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My mum said to my uncle, 'What's got four legs and flies?'
My uncle said, 'Don't tell me, the horse is dead.'

I said to my uncle, 'How long have you been bald?'
He said 'Ever since the war lad. I lost it in a hair raid.'

'Did you hear about the cowboy who was hanged for wearing paper trousers?'
'No, why was that?'
'Because they were rustling.'

Hear about the musical ghost? He wrote haunting melodies.

Did you hear about the vampire who liked ballroom dancing?
He especially liked the vaultz.

Hear about the glow-worm that got squashed?
It was de-lighted.

Did you hear about the ghost who works at Scotland Yard?
He's the Chief in-spectre.

What's big, green, and ugly and never smiles?
The Incredible Sulk.

How do you stop an elephant from charging?
Take away his credit cards.

How do you know if an elephant has been in fridge?
You'll find it's footprints in the butter.

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