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And now spell mousetrap in three letters.
C, A, T

What did the shy traffic light say to the motorist?
Don't look now - I'm changing!

What TV programme is watched mainly by cows?
Moos At Ten.

Boy cannibal to mother cannibal: Mummy, mummy, can I bring my friend over for tea?
Mother cannibal: Of course, dear, Put him in the fridge and we'll have him later.

First cannibal: What are you cooking for dinner?
Second cannibal: Shut up and get back in the oven.

What's a cannibal's favourite meal?
Baked human beans.

What is red and black, red and black, red and black?
A zebra with sunburn.

Where do gnomes go to when they're feeling ill?
The National Elf Service.

What does a caterpillar do every 1st of January?
He turns over a new leaf.

And what's vicious, Victorian and lives at the bottom of the sea?
Jack the Kipper.

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