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Teacher: Today I want you to write an essay on an elephant.
Pupil: But won't we fall off?

George: Mum, can I go and play in the park?
Mother: With those old jeans and t-shirt?
George: No, with my friends who live across the road.

Why were the astronauts not hungry?
Because they recently had a big launch.

Grandmother: Now William, be a good boy and eat your spinach. It will put some colour in your cheeks.
William: But I don't want to have green cheeks.

Boy: Can you change twenty pence for me?
Father: Yeah, that's no problem.
Boy: Good. Change it to fifty pence please.

Mother: Oh dear, I can hear your baby brother crying. I guess that he needs changing.
Lucy: Well if you're going to change him, can you change him for a puppy?

What did the road say to the bridge?
You make me cross.

What kind of money do snowmen use?
Iced lolly.

Where do astronauts leave their spaceships?
At parking meteors.

How do snowmen travel around?
By iceicle.

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