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What would you get if Batman and Robin were run over by a steamroller?
Flatman and ribbon.

Why did the robber take a bath?
So he could make a clean getaway.

What did the rug say to the floor?
I've got you covered.

Why did the farmer ask the vet to examine his cow?
Because she was so mooo-dy.

What do you call a sick crocodile?
An illigator.

Where did Noah keep his bees?
In the ark hives.

Why do sqirrels always 'live happily ever afterwards'?
Because they have furry tail ends.

Submitted by: Alan Tyte

"Who's been eating my porridge?" asked baby bear.
"Who's been eating my porridge?" asked mother bear.
"Burp" said father bear.

Brian: (eating his lunch at school)Teacher, I've got a bone stuck in my throat.
Teacher: Are you choking?
Brian: No, I'm serious.

Mother: So what have you learned on your first day at high school?
Son: Not enough. I have to go back tomorrow.

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