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The Joke of the Day Archive - Page 6

This is page 6 of our 'The Joke of the Day' archive and it covers from Tuesday, May 7th, 2019 to Monday, May 13th, 2019.

The Joke of the day for Monday, May 13th, 2019

My brother was up in court last week. The judge said, 'What is this man charged with?'
The policeman said, 'He opened a shop sir.'
The judge said, 'And what is wrong with opening a shop?'
The policeman said, 'Well it wasn't his shop sir.'

The Joke of the day for Sunday, May 12th, 2019

Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Cereal who?
Cereal pleasure to meet you.

The Joke of the day for Saturday, May 11th, 2019

This farmer said to his wife, 'We've been married fifty years. Why don't we kill the chicken tonight?'.
His wife said, 'Why kill the chicken? It's not his fault?'

The Joke of the day for Friday, May 10th, 2019

Why did Mickey Mouse get shot?
Because Donald Ducked.

The Joke of the day for Thursday, May 9th, 2019

An idiot heard that a fortune could be made by working as a lumberjack in Canada.
So, off he goes. After some weeks, he arrives at a lumberjack-camp and asks the foreman for a job.
Foreman: "Okay sonny, but you'll have to do a test first. If you can chop down 100 trees tomorrow you're hired".
So, next day, the idiot gets his chainsaw and happily saws away all day. However, when trees are counted the idiot only has 98.....
"Oh well" says the foreman, "You'll get another chance tomorrow"
So, next day, same story, 99 trees. "I don't believe this" says the foreman, "A big strong fella like yourself should be able to cut down 200 trees in a day. You know what? You get one more chance, and I'll join you to show you the trick of it".
So, next day, the idiot and the foreman go into the forest. Upon arrival at a nice open spot the foreman puts the chainsaw on the ground, and starts the engine. Says the idiot: "What that! Where's the noise coming from?"

The Joke of the day for Wednesday, May 8th, 2019

What did the policeman say to the man with three heads?
Hello, hello, hello - what's going on here?

The Joke of the day for Tuesday, May 7th, 2019

Knock knock,
Who's there?
Maggot who?
Maggot me this new shirt today.

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