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Why Did? Jokes - Page 2

Some corny 'why did' humour

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Why did the banker decide to break up with his latest girlfriend?
He lost interest.
Why did the lazy man apply for a job in the bakery?
Because he was a loafer.
Why did the banana go and consult a doctor?
Because it wasn't peeling well.
Why did the baker work overtime?
Because he kneaded the dough.
Why did the burglar break into a music shop?
He wanted to get his hands on the lute.
Why did the skunk use loads of paper hankies?
Because he had a stinking cold.
Why did the bat miss the bus?
Because he hung around for too long.
Why did the labrador dog cross the road?
To try and find a barking space.
Why did the banana cross the road?
It was a slip road.
Why did the pirate's phone keep going beep, beep, beep?
Because he had left it off his hook.

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