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Why Was? Jokes - Page 2

Jokes that start with 'Why was'?

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Why was Cinderella so useless at sport?
Because her coach was a pumpkin.
Why was the daddy pig angry with his piglets?
They called him an old boar.
Why was the mother glow worm unhappy?
Because her children weren't that bright.
Why was six scared of seven?
Because seven ate nine.
Why was the racehorse called Bad News?
Because bad news travels fast.
Why was the story writer kept in prison?
Because he hadn\'t finished his sentence.
Why was it impossible to put Humpty Dumpty together again?
Because he wasn't all that he was cracked up to be.
Why was the insect thrown out of the forest?
Because it was a litterbug.
Why was the archaeologist upset?
His job was in ruins.

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